Print.Control isn’t just a mentality changer.

Is a money saver application.

Print.Control is an application that manage your printing costs with one special weapon: awareness.

In the end you’ll save money, save paper and save the trees.

Cost-free Infrastructure

Print.Control is a simple PC software, able to save your costs and focused in educating your printality. Infrastructure isn’t a problem.

MPS Independent

Print.Control acts directly in your PC. It will not affect any MPS contract.


With Print.Control there are no issues with brands and types of printers. Your printer will certainly work with this product. Guaranteed!

1 week Implementation

It takes a week to have Print.Control by your side. Your needs are fast and we are ready to fix that.


We are ready to help you.


*PRINTALITY [print + mentality] : 1. “Print > Read > Trash” way of thinking 

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